Speak4Kids Direct Method

Do you notice that more and more adults already knows the English language and the language school market more and more often focuses on the youngest learners?

Do you meet adults who are very pleased with the effects of the direct method of learning and keep asking you for a similar method for children?

Speak.4Kids is just the method you are looking for!

The technique is old, well-known and proven: teaching with the direct method through conversation (questions and answers), so the teachers at your school will be able to use our books without difficulties and without any special training.

The Speak.pl Method is adjusted to childrens' needs:

- The subjects refer to everyday life, they include: descriptions of toys, going to the circus, going to the zoo, popular fairy- tales, etc.

- To prevent boredom or weariness during the lessons (we all know how easily children get distracted) we have added popular songs and rhymes, which help children to „catch their breath” during the lesson but at the same time they smuggle in the English vocabulary, and in effect children learn the language without even realising it.

- We have added colourful charts to the teacher's materials, compatible with the questions and answers in the books. Children cannot concentrate on abstract things and ideas for too long, so they would not be able to talk about imaginary objects and situations throughout the lesson, the way the adults do using the direct methods. Our colourful charts are the best solution to this problem, children talk about what they actually see.