Peritus School an our method of teaching

Our school has been on the language market since January the 17th 2000. We started with teaching English to adults with the Callan Method, a direct method popular around the world, which puts the heaviest stress on fluent speaking. Even in the earliest years of our work we noticed that speaking the foreign language is the aspect of language that our society has greatest problem with. Many times, when we asked our clients to describe their knowledge of English we heard the same answer:


Speak4Kids - Learning how to speak fluently in english

Speak4Kids Method is a so called direct method of learning English; we don't describe the language, but we teach how to actually use it.


Speak4Kids – The method for conscious parents

„Dear mums and dads, why do you really sign your children up for paid English courses?” :) Every parent should ask himself this question. Let's look at the facts.


See our lessons

We welcome you to see fragments of our lessons. On the website you can view our classes and presentations prepared by our students for the show lessons at the end of the school year.