Peritus School an our method of teaching

Our school has been on the language market since January the 17th 2000. We started with teaching English to adults with the Callan Method, a direct method popular around the world, which puts the heaviest stress on fluent speaking. Even in the earliest years of our work we noticed that speaking the foreign language is the aspect of language that our society has greatest problem with. Many times, when we asked our clients to describe their knowledge of English we heard the same answer:

„I've been studying English for 7 (-8, -9…) years, I can read quite well, I can answer an e-mail in English, but when somebody is talking to me I understand nothing, and I have even bigger problem with uttering a word in English; I am totally blocked, I am afraid to say something wrong and make a fool of myself, I have difficulty with building a simple sentence, etc.”

We are not surprised with such comments… among the 4 aspects of learning a foreign language (reading, writing, speaking and listening) speaking is considered the most difficult!

Learning a language is not a typical academic subject, it is rather a subject that is based on skill. That is why, the more you practise the more skilful you become and you learn faster. Linguists often compare learning a language to learning to play the piano: if you want to play the piano you must actually sit at the instrument and … play. Studying the history of music or how the piano is constructed, or again listening to your teacher playing the piano will not help much if you don't play it yourself. It's the same story with learning a language – the only way to learn to speak a language is to speak it!

Our motto

However, in most schools using traditional methods of teaching, huge amount of time is simply wasted. Most of the lesson time is devoted to the teacher speaking or writing on the blackboard and the students making notes. The same is true about language schools for children. The teachers fill the lessons with games whilst most of the precious time is wasted on children playing with attractive gadgets or playing together, and instead of learing the language they only use single words in English. In both cases the student has barely a chance to open his mouth during the lesson. Let us not forget these are the lessons parents often pay huge money for….

That is why in our school we put special stress on the practical learning of English, and on using it to the full during the classes. That is why we created the Speak4Kids method, where the lessons are based on intensive conversation in English.