Speak4Kids – The method for conscious parents

„Dear mums and dads, why do you really sign your children up for paid English courses?” :) Every parent should ask himself this question. Let's look at the facts.

For a couple of years now English is an obliatory subject in primary schools, starting with the lowest grade students. With better or worse results the state school will teach your child the basics of the language. Assuming the average class has about 20 pupils, the aspects of language your child will master best will be writing and reading. With the use of traditional approach (written exercises, taking notes down from the blackboard, written homeworks) these aspects are the easiest to teach. However, teaching children how to speak a language will be much more difficult: if speaking is only one of the 4 aspects of learning a foreign lanuage (only about 1 of the time of the lesson is devoted to it, which is just above 10 minutes), and the teacher wants to speak with 20 students in the 10 minutes, every student has a chance to speak for only half a minute in the whole lesson!!!

Why is it then that parents sign up their children for supplementary, paid English courses? We assume it's because they want tosupplement that aspect of the language the child has no chance to master during the regular course, and not to duplicate the knowledge the child already gets at the regular classes at school. They want the child to learn how to SPEAK in the foreign language.

The truth is that the way we SPEAK a foreign language is our best advertisement. In the eyes of our interlocutor it either classifies us as an analphabet in English or wins us a complement: „Oh! Your English is very good!”. Isn't it us, adults, who measure the children's knowledge of a foreign language by what the child is able to SAY (not write or read): „Oh, you've been studying English, haven't you? Say something then.” :)