Speak4Kids - Learning how to speak fluently in english

Speak4Kids Method is a so called direct method of learning English; we don't describe the language, but we teach how to actually use it.

If you want to learn to speak a language you have to … speak it. And this is exactly what children do in our courses. (see our Cycle of Learning a Language)

It is commonly known that staying abroad in English-speaking countries is the fastest and most efficient way to „pick up” a language. During such a stay the visitor is „thrown into deep water”, he is „bombarded” witht the English language from all directions, at top speed, without translation and without a chance to see the sentences written down. Under such circumstances the barrier of speaking the foreign language is easily broken. The Speak4Kids method creates exactly the same conditions during our lessons: the teacher speaks only English, he speaks at the natural pace of a native speaker, he demands the answers to be given automatically, that is without thinking and without them being transleated first from the students' mother language.

Our lesson has a form of a constant dialog between the children and the teacher. The teacher first introduces new words, expressions, a story, or gives a description of a picture, etc. and when he makes sure the children understand it he starts a conversation with them in English, bombarding the children with questions. The childrens' task is to answer these questions in the full form (full sentences) using the words and constructions that are being practised in that particular lesson.

During our classes children must always use full sentences when they speak. Although that seems to be difficult for them in the beginning because no one before demanded it from them, they very quickly get into the rhythm and they acquire the habit of building full sentences automatically.

The teacher doesn't drawl when he speaks to the students, he keeps the natural pace of about 200 words a minute. Of course there is a purpose behind it as the children's ears quickly adjust to the pace and the children very soon have no difficulty understanding nativer speakers of English, and understand their speech just like they understands their mother language.

The teacher imposes the quick pace of the lesson. He doesn't only speak fast, but he also doesn't give the children any time TO THINK when building the sentences in an answer. In effect children shorten the process of building their answers to minimum and when asked a question they react automatically (without building a sentence in Polish first, translating it into English and only then giving the answer) – exactly the same way they do in their native language, without thinking what they do.

This pattern is followed during every classes. Throughout the 45 minutes of the lesson children are „forced” to speak.

The Speak4Kids Method means intensive, honest work in the English language! We do the best we can with the children's brains, attention and concentration.

The good news is that this hard work is done by the teacher in the classroom and not by the parents at home. We take it very seriously that parents trust us and signing their children for our courses they depend on us to teach their children to speak the foreign language. In our opinion, giving huge homeworks to children, whilst at the same time using the precious time in the lessons only on playing games and entertaining children is a disonest approach, as it shifts the duties onto the parents. In our courses traditional homeworks are rare. The single exercises that children get as homework are meant to school their sense of duty and to give them additional contact with English on the days when the classes are not held rather than to burden the parents and make them spend hours over the exercises together with their kids.

Because our lessons are so intense, and no time is wasted on unnecesary entertainment we don't have to artificially prolong the lessons. Our lesson unit lasts 45 minutes, which is as long as children are realistically able to focus their attention. We don't make parents pay for entertaining their children under the name of English lessons!! They pay for intensive lesson time, filled with hard work and repetitions.