Cooperation with parents

We are well aware that in the process of learning parents play an important role. However, the tasks we put in front of our students' parents are quite different from those laid out by other language schools.

We live fast. In our busy times parents do not often have time to teach their children themselves at home. The little time a parent has with a child is too precious to devote it to further schooling the children. We are aware that we mustn't shift the burden of teaching children a foreign language on the parents – this is the task of the language school. We don't expect parents to spend hours doing English homework with their children.

On the other hand, it's very important that the parents make their children realise the reason why they have enrolled them for the English course and help to motivate the children when they lose enthusiasm – which with children happens quite often. The parent must be aware that all skills worth mastering take hard work whilst the natural inclination of a child is to avoid hard work. ˘Only through consequence and systematic work children can succeed in learning how to speak English fluently. Only if a child knows that his parents treat the subject of learning English in our course seriously, and care about the results the child achieves will he be encouraged to try hard.

Another important thing is parents' help in executing discipline in the classes. The practise we use in this field is correspondence with the parents through the student diary or electronic class register.Besides that every parent has always the possibility of approaching the teacher directly, before or after the classes.